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This post is all about Svelte/SvelteKit. Here, I'm gonna mention some best or unknown Component libraries, Websites using Svelte and SvelteKit.
What I'm Gonna mention here is my own opinion. So, if you have any suggestion/feedback comment it.

Component Libraries
We going to start with the most important part of Single page Apps The Component Libraries.

We all love loaders, how sometime they make a website playful, elegant or maybe worst (I made one 😞). This library contains around 15 spinners with different designs. If you don't wanna use them, You can use them as ideas for your projects.

  • SvelteKit Embed
    We don't know how to elegantly use embed's in our project. We all wanna use Soundcloud, codepen or Deezer but we have to do so much, once i needed codepen embed but i was unable to do my best when i found this beauty. I still use it and it's the best.

  • Svelte ExMarkDown

If you need live and dynamic markdown editor in Svelte, here it is. It's just how do markdown, that's there secret sauce. I would say, if you love svelte and markdown you should try it once.

  • MdSvex
    Ok, if you have been around in svelte or sveltekit we all know this one. A preprocessor for mdx in svelte (The Components Era). If you wanna use svelte component in a markdown, it's your first choice.

  • Attractions

This is one of my favorite UI library because it's design. I'm inspired to write one of my own library (which will be released soon).

Dev Tools
If you are here and reading obviously you are a dev and what we love most are tools. And here are some of my favorites.

We had hard time while writing documentation for our projectS and sveltepress solved our that problem.
SveltePress is a documentation tool built on top of SvelteKit,the main point of SveltePress is to allow less knowledgeable users to create and publish content. To achieve that, SveltePress uses a filesystem-based structure.

We all have our favorite web development IDE's, Mine is WebStorm. How about you put your favorite IDE namre in comment while i complete this article. Who are new to Svelte you got something to try the IDE for svelte Svelte-Storm.It is easy to start with because of their in-built browser rendering and state management feature.

We all have to through this truth, we need Internationalization and when it come's to svelteKit we have are on of the best library. It's easy to and stable.


I'm going to mention their names, you should check them out.

  1. GitPod
  2. DaisyUI
  3. JSChallenger
  4. Mesh.Y
  5. KryptoKrona

These are some of i loved. Please visit SvelteSociety, MadeWithSvelte and BestofSvelte for more on this.

This is me writing for you. If you wanna ask or suggest anything please put it in comment.